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Shahar Ladecky, B.Sc.
Head of Research & Development

Founder of ATSI, Graduated from the Aeronautical Engineering Department of the Technion IIT (Israel Institute of Technology) in 1977. Since then he was involved in numerous defense and civil aerospace projects in various countries. Supporting the FAA Flight Standards Department (currently AFS-440) since 1993. Mr. Ladecky specializes in the fields of computer modeling and simulation, especially flight simulation (fixed wing and rotary wing), use of wake vortex models, aerodynamics and flight mechanics.
Joseph W. Lintzenich, B.Sc.
Industry & Regulatory Agencies Liaison

Mr. Lintzenich is a graduate electrical engineer from Duke University. He holds an ATP with over 21,000 hours of national and international flying experience. He received the Earl F. Ward Memorial Award from the Air Traffic Control Association and FAA Certificate of Recognition for his design of the ILS/LDA simultaneous approach concept at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Mr. Lintzenich's involvement with air traffic capacity initiatives include such airports as MSY, PHL, STL, SFO, LAX, ORD. He has been one of the leading figures in development and testing criteria for Simultaneous Offset Instrument Approaches (SOIA) and Along Track Separation (ATS).
Patrick Mayo
Air Traffic Training Director

Mr. Mayo is a retired FAA Air Traffic Controller. During his 35 years of service with the US Federal Government he has worked in an Air Route Traffic Control Center, nine TRACONs, and three towers. He held a wide range of positions including Air Traffic Controller, Quality Assurance Specialist, Training Specialist, Facility Supervisor, Facility Manager, FAA certified Instructor, Air Traffic Simulation Consultant, Air Traffic International Liaison Program Manager, Section Manager, Radar Training Facility (RTF) and Program Manager: Washington Headquarters, Training and Development. Mr. Mayo is well versed in FAA and ICAO Air Traffic procedures.
Larry Ramirez
Air Traffic Control Liaison

Mr. Ramirez is a retired Air Traffic Controller. Working for the FAA from June 1973 through January 2007 he was employed at six TRACONS and held several positions including Air Traffic Controller, Evaluation and Proficiency Development Specialist, Operational Supervisor, Assistant Manager for Programs, Assistant Air Traffic Manager, and a Headquarters Staff Specialist in the Training Division. From August 2001 to January 2007 Mr. Ramirez served as the Air Traffic Liaison to the Flight Procedures Standards Branch and the Flight Simulation and Analysis Branch where he participated in the conduct and publication of several reports for improved aviation procedures and the revision of several directives published by Flight Standards.
Jonathan Liese, B.S.
Head of Software Development

Mr. Liese graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Mathematics. Specializing in software engineering with emphasis on automation procedures, he has been working with software development in the field of aerospace simulation and related areas since 2001. Mr. Liese has led various software projects that are used in the field by the FAA today.
Nanette L. Haag, B.Sc.
Head of Financial Department

Mrs. Haag serves as ATSI's financial manager. She earned a B.Sc. degree from the University of Oklahoma and has completed additional accounting classes at the University of Central Oklahoma. In addition to performing the duties of financial manager, she assists in the area of human resource management. Mrs. Haag is an associate member of the Oklahoma Society of CPAs.
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